I'm enchanted to meet you!

Hello! Welcome to my sparkly and colourful little corner of the world.

I’m Anastashia, but you can call me Anna. It’s far easier!

Who am I? 

I’m the purveyor of sparkles and all things colourful.
I’m a creative, a uni student, and a writer.
I’m a dreamer, a planner, with a severe case of wanderlust.
I’m a beginner in speaking French, and one day I’ll be living my dreams in Belgium.
I’m obsessed with stationery. Notebooks, pens, highlighters… The more colour the better!

Now for a little of my story…

I’ve always been glitter obsessed. For as long as I can remember, glitter was everything. Still is! Just seeing the tiniest little fleck of glitter out in the world is enough to make me smile. The more glitter an object has, the better – especially on greeting cards! 

I’ve been studying at uni for a long time. I originally began a teaching degree, but as time went on, it became clear that teaching was no longer in my future. So, I switched to a creative writing degree and I haven’t looked back. Graduating in 2023 is going to be an absolute highlight in life! 

Creativity is a 24/7 thing around here in Studio Sparkle. 

As for Hello Gorgeous, it was created in 2018 and named by my incredibly supportive partner. This is where I create an item that will be loved and cherished for years to come. Besides, life is always better when it’s sparkly, right?