Homewares Care Instructions


Caring for your homewares

Like my earrings, all homewares are handmade and require good care to keep them looking their best.

Resin doesn’t like heat, so please keep your homewares away from all heat sources, including hot water, ovens, microwaves and drinks such as, coffee mugs, teacups, and hot foods.

According to the SD sheets from my resin supplier, the resins are food safe and only to be used with cold food serving. Please do not treat your resin homewares as cutting boards.

To keep your homewares clean, simple wipe down with non-abrasive cleaning materials as resin, like acrylic can be scratched easily.

All homewares are unique, and at times are made to order. This means that your homeware piece is completely unique and will differ from the images online. Due to the nature of handmade, there may be slight imperfections, which do not alter the use of the item in any way.