Earring Care

At Hello Gorgeous, I want your earrings to always look as sparkly and gorgeous as the day you bought them. But just between you and me, sometimes... we don't always take care of our accessories like we should!

To ensure the best life for your earrings, here are a few tips & suggestions:

- Please remove your earrings before showering, bathing, swimming & applying any beauty products such as body lotions, perfumes & hairspray. 

- My resin pieces are made with high quality materials & have been created with care. If your pieces become dirty, simply wipe over gently with a slightly damp cloth, or a microfibre cloth for any smudges & fingerprints. Polishing cloths work well too.

- It's definitely a good idea to store your earrings when you're not wearing them! The best way is storing your earrings on an earring stand to avoid any scratches, damage, & tangles. I highly recommend the range of earring stands from YOBI. x

- As some of my designs are a little bit heavy, your ears will absolutely LOVE a bit of extra support. For these earrings, I use comfort backs to give that support. For extra support, Dangle Dots is the perfect match in counteracting the weight of your statement earrings. A quick little online search & they'll pop up!

- I do not recommend my products for use by children under the age of 3 due to risk of choking as most of my products include small pieces. Use of items on children should always be under supervision. Hello Gorgeous Desings will not be held responsible for any misuse of our products. 

- One last little note, but highly important! Your earrings should also not be left in handbags or cars as they are delicate little jewels and don't like any place that is dark or hot.